Numerical Ecology with R

A practical guide to Numerical Ecology using the R language

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Daniel Borcard

François Gillet

Pierre Legendre

This page provides the data sets, R scripts, R functions and several useful links related to the book entitled "Numerical Ecology with R". The R code is provided for PC and Macintosh.

Original material (as in the book)
This material includes a script to install the necessary packages, the data sets, the R scripts for all chapters (for PC and Mac computers) and several R functions. MVPARTwrap, a wrapper for package mvpart, is now available on CRAN for OS X, Windows and Linux. To install it, proceed as for any CRAN package.
Original material
Updated material, August 2012, tested with R 2.15.1
Updated material - R 2.15.1
Updated material, February 2017, tested with R 3.3.2 and including changes in the installation scripts and data sets.
Updated material R 3.3.2

Springer web page of the book