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Awards and Distinctions

Numerical Ecology, 3rd English edition

Publication date: July 6, 2012
Authors: Pierre Legendre et Louis Legendre
Publisher: Elsevier Science BV, Amsterdam.
ISBN-13: 978-0444538680

Errata for copies sold between July 2012 and May 2014

Numerical ecology with R, second edition

Published, March 2018

Authors: Daniel Borcard, François Gillet and Pierre Legendre
Publisher: Springer, "Use R!" collection
ISBN 978-3-319-71403-5
e-ISBN 978-3-319-71404-2

Members of the lab


From left to right: Daniel Borcard, Pierre Legendre, Pedro Peres-Neto and Stéphane Dray.
Picture: Bernard Lambert, Direction des communications, Université de Montréal.
  • Daniel Borcard (daniel.borcard@umontreal.ca), Senior researcher
  • Alix Boc (alix.boc@umontreal.ca), Post-doctoral researcher
  • Philippe Casgrain casgrain@invite.umontreal.ca), Bio-informatics
  • Jean-Martin Chamberland (jean-martin.chamberland@umontreal.ca), Research assistant
  • Guillaume Guénard (guillaume.guenard@gmail.com), Post-doctoral researcher
  • Steven C. Walker (steven.walker@umontreal.ca), Post-doctoral researcher


    Interview with Louis and Pierre Legendre (in French)

    English-French vocabulary of numerical ecology and statistics

    CCA Bibliograpy: documenting the use of CCA in numerous papers, by John Birks.

    Career Summary

    Postdoctoral fellow at the Genetiska Institutionen, Lunds Universitet, Sweden, in 1971-72. Research associate, then Research director at Université du Québec à Montréal, and finally Professor in the Département de physique. Moved to Département de sciences biologiques, Université de Montréal, in 1980.

    Academic Profile