Scotch Whiskies Data

Pierre Legendre
F.-J. Lapointe
May 1996
Département de sciences biologiques
Université de Montréal

Dear lover of Scotch whiskies and numerical data analysis,

Here are the Scotch whisky data (109 distilleries) used in the following paper:

Lapointe, F.-J. & P. Legendre. 1994. A classification of pure malt Scotch whiskies. Applied Statistics 43: 237-257.

There are 5 data sets: color, nose, body, palate, and finish. The binary (0-1) descriptors are in the same order as on p. 239 of the paper. In any case, they are all assembled (with identifiers) in an Excel data base, also included.

We also send you the list of geographic coordinates of the distilleries, given as decimal degrees: longitude WEST, followed by latitude NORTH. In Scotland, one degree north is about 1.87 times as long as one degree west. To be complete, We are also including a matrix of geographic distances among distilleries, already computed and written out as an ASCII file.

There are two whiskies in the classification from the Springbank distillery. One pertains to the Islay group, the other to the Western group.

Please let us know of the analysis you have performed, especially if you intend on publishing them.

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